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Meet our Team



Sarah Farquhar

 I decided to start the Recovery Project Foundation because of my experiences with my eating disorder and its recovery. I did not have the best experience with the public healthcare system and had to wait four months before getting in anywhere. Then when I finally did, I could only be involved with their recovery program for eight months before turning 18 and being released due to my age. Unfortunately, these eight months got cut short due to the pandemic, and I ended up with no support, resources, or recommendations from the program. I went a few months with no treatment, not fully recovered, and ended up needing more help. Luckily, I found a private treatment centre that not only took me in the next day but provided me with numerous resources tailored to the help I needed for my recovery. This centre was life-changing, and I couldn't believe that I hadn't heard of it or gotten involved with it sooner. I am currently recovering with this centre (recovery is a long and complex process!), and I hope to help others get this kind of treatment with the start of the foundation.


Kelly Kozluk
Lead Outreach Coordinator

I am a very proud dog Mom to Sega, work as a behaviour therapist and am currently completing my Masters of Counselling Psychology degree. Having come out the other side of my battle with an eating disorder, I know firsthand how challenging navigating services and recovery are. I am passionate about being there for others and removing barriers to care including stigma and associated costs. 

I came across The Recovery Project Foundation on social media and was instantly impressed by Sarah's vision. I can’t wait to be a part of The Recovery Project Foundation team as they raise awareness and open doors so that more people can access the support that they need.


Kathryn Longo
Lead Social Media 

I am a second-year Marketing Management student at the University of Guelph. I am part of the social media team for the Recovery Project Foundation. Sarah has been one of my best friends since high school and we also went to preschool together!

 I wanted to join this team because I strongly believe in the difference we can make. I myself struggle with mental illness, and it is a huge part of my life.

 I have seen so many people struggle including myself and I have learned just how impactful getting good help can be. I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to heal and recover at their own pace. Although recovery may not be linear, every bit of support along the way can make a world of difference and I would love to be that extra bit of support for those that need it!


Nathalie Pong
Graphic Design

I am so excited to be a part of the Recovery Project Foundation.

I wanted to join the team because I am incredibly passionate about spreading awareness and eliminating the stigma around eating disorders. I strongly believe in the impact our team can make on people struggling with mental illness.

Having seen so many people that I love and care for, often silently, struggling with mental illness and eating disorders, I want to do my part to help others seek the proper help they deserve! Recovery and healing can be a long journey, but every bit of support can make a difference. I cannot wait to get started in helping and supporting others!

Recovery project foundation .jpg

Natalia Bieniek
Lead Events Coordinator

I am currently completing my CNP at the Institute of Holistic nutrition and work as a colon hydrotherapist. I am very passionate about holistic health, specifically psychoneuroimmunology and gut health. I came across the recovery project foundation on social media and instantly felt connected to the overarching mission: to bridge the gap of inaccessibility for proper care to those struggling with eating disorders. This topic feels so close to home because I struggled with an eating disorder for more than 10 years. I know first-hand how a platform like this could have been so beneficial to my recovery. Recovery is not a linear path, and we must remove the stigma that surrounds this topic. Advocacy and awareness are imperative to building lasting change. I am so excited to be a part of the change and hopefully share a new lens of healing with others. 

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